About Kentalis

For over 225 years, Kentalis has been the specialist in the field of diagnostics, care and education for people with a limitation in hearing and/or communication, We are there for people who are hard of hearing, deaf, deafblind or who have a language development disorder. Some students and clients have an intellectual disability as well or have motoric and/or psychic issues.

For the support system as well

We are there for clients and students, but we are there for their support system as well. We love to help and inform parents and caretakers, schools, doctors, speech-language therapists, infant welfare centres, and other care organizations.  We offer information and advice.

Kentalis has heart!

Kentalis has heart, eye and ear for other people. Our clients get all sorts of possibilities to develop in the field of language and communication, to enable them to participate in society as fully as possible.  By developing, using and sharing knowledge, we continuously improve the quality of our services. We do this in an open dialogue with our customers, employees and partners.

Our numbers

Spread over the Netherlands, Kentalis has:

  • 20 schools for special education (approximately 35 different  locations)
  • 80 care- and diagnostics centres
  • 6 audiology centres
  • Over 7200 students, of which approximately half is supported ambulatory
  • Approximately 7000 care patients
  • Approximately 15.000 audiology patients
  • Approximately 4.700 employees 

More about Kentalis?

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